Friday, 12 October 2012

Tools of the Necromancer

Necromancy is a form of Magick which involves communicating with the spirits of the dead.  It is usually done by means of summoning a spirit for purposes of divination or for locating lost items such as treasure. 

Necromancy is often linked to black magick and evil practise; although this much depends on how Necromancy is used and to what end.  Using Necromancy to trap a spirit into an object or to gain control over a spirit so they can do your bidding would, in my opinion, be evil practise.  Spirits need to be treated with respect and their permission should be sought before you start to work with them; after all, you wouldn't barge into someones room without asking their permission or knocking first!!  


Some of the tools linked to the Necromancer are a skull, in most cases this is a resin skull, but some do use a real human skull in their practise. Using a skull helps you to connect with the species that skull represents, such as an owl skull to connect with the owl or a wolf skull to connect with the wolf. 

Christian Day in his book "The Witches Book of the Dead" discusses the use of a human skull in its representation of the dead and is use as a focus for connecting with the otherworld.

Cthonic Deities are also part and parcel of the tools of the Necromancer, usually placed on the altar or shrine to the dead as the god and goddess representations.  One of the most popular deities is Hecate, she can aid in helping you work with the dead and also offer protection too.

The most well known tool of the Necromancer is the Ouija board the history of which dates back to the 19th Century and was made popular during the spiritualist movement.  Many people do not like the Ouija board as bad things are often assoiciated with it and I would stress that if you don't use a form of protection, i.e, casting a protective circle or you use the board flippantly then you are asking for trouble.  In most cases Ouija boards used at parties, where there has been too much drink and someone fancies a bit of fun often end in tears because it is a simple as this, the spirits have not been treated with respect.  The board is just a tool, and is used as a means and way of connection just like automatic writing is.

Scrying is another tool at the Necromancers desposal usually using a crystal ball, a black mirror or water.  Using a crystal ball is much prefered by many than the Ouija board, obviously as it has less of a reputation.  Scrying is best undertaken in low lighting and by candleflame as this gives a gentler and more relaxing light. 

Tarot cards too are also part of the Necromancers tool kit and are probably one of the most popular forms of divination around today.  They are popular with witches, psychic readers as well as a good percentage of the general public who when facing a problem seek the cards for their wisdom and advice.

Finally, herbs too are used in Necromancy usually to heighten the psychic senses.   Witches flying ointments (see my earlier article) come under this category.  Herbs such as Mugwort, Wormwood and Dittany of Crete were used in divination, usually as an incense, but also in soaps and oils too.  Mugwort is well known for aiding with sleep and dreaming and is the herb most often assoicatied with diviantion and communicating with spirit.

To sum up, Necomancy is a form of divination involving calling forth the spirits of the dead.  The tools the Necromancer uses to acheive that end are the pendulm, Tarot, Crystal ball and Ouija board among others.  Necromancy is only dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, or you go into to it without the respect or permission of the spirits you wish to work with.  Necromancy can be safe as long as you know what you are doing, you ensure you are protected and most importantly and above all, treat the dead with respect, build with them a rapport and ask permission too, by doing this you will be building trust and a relationship that if you work it right, can be long lasting.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Mabon Blessings

Mabon or the Autumnal Equinox falls on or around 21st September and is the time of year that day and night are of equal length.  It also marks the second of the three harvest festivals where we give thanks to the Lord and Lady for the bounty of produce that has been given to us.  This is the time of year that the days get cooler and that the leaves on the trees start to turn into glorious reds, golds and oranges.  It is a time of reflection and a time to think about harvesting from the wild hedgerow to make jams, jellies and chutneys. 

This is the time we decorate our altars with the bounty that mother earth has given us, I will be decorating mine with hazel nuts and rowan berries as they grow in plenty where I live.  Good Mabon activities include making wine, elderberry in particular, if the elderberries are ready for picking, havesting and drying herbs, harvesting seeds, walking in the woods and observing the changes and leaving an offering of thanks. This is my prayor of honouring to Mabon.

Day and night become the same
and now the sun begins to wane
I honor the harvest you have sent this year
into my heart I hold you dear
as the leaves turn colour and fall
I hear the silence and peace of darkness call

Friday, 27 July 2012

Pagan Blog Project Week 30: O

O is for Odin

I have been quite lapsy daisy of late and I havne't kept up with my pagan blog project since Spring, sometimes life and work get in the way, but with an early finish from work today I thought I would post something.  As a pagan and witch, I gotta admit I know little about the Norse gods and so, I thought I would do a little research and look at Odin.

Odin is chief God of the Norse Patheon of Gods and Goddesses.  He was the son of Bor and Bestia and he was father of Thor by the Goddess Jord.  Odin is the God of War and Death, but he is also God of Poetry and Wisdom too.  He hung from the World Tree, Yggdrasil for nine days peirced by his own spear.  In this time and while hanging from the tree, Odin learned nine songs and eighteen runes.  The Hanged Man card in Tarot decks is often linked with Odin for this reason.

Odin's attributes are the spear which was known never to miss a target, he also had one eye as he had traded his other eye for a drink from the Well of Wisdom where he gained great insight and knowledge.  Odin was finally killed in a great battle by the wolf Fenrir.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Recess and Time Out

I have been away for about ten days visiting family in the Manchester area and it has been nice to have a rest from my day job in home care which I do over three days on 15 hour shifts and from my psychic work which I do also over three days. Being away gave me time to think, being lucky to be able to balance a day job with my spiritual work which I love doing.

 However I have, like many in this year of 2012, been feeling a shift and pulling.  There is definately a trasnsition going on and I feel, for me at any rate it is more spiritual than physical (although I would like to lose some weight when I get the willpower!!)   I had a reading from a couple of psychics this year who were not known to one another and each one told me I will be working more and more with spirit and that my gift will get stronger, however I will feel torn in two directions. I am feeling spirit connecting with me more and I do feel at some point this will come in and affect my day work in that eventually I will have to chose between the two. The day job however, brings in a regular income.

I have decided to therefore extend my holiday/vacation and although I am now back home in Cumbria where I live, I have decided to take a summer recess and have six weeks off until early September, this will give time and rest and recuperate my spritual side, work on products and stock for my store, write up and prepare an online course I will offer next year.

Sometimes we need to rest and take time out so that we can think things through properly and try to see the bigger picture, for me this is accepting that I have a connection with the spirit world and will need to work more closely with them. I can feel this pull from them like a magnet and in order to embrace this, I need time out to prepare, rest. take care of other things so that when I do come back to it, I can give it my full attention without distractions popping in.

I will still pop in to attend and update my blog and facebook/twitter pages, I will also still be running a giveaway too on my blog, infact there is one coming up in a few days so keep a look out for that as it is open to all regardless of location.  Summer Blessings to all of you.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Making way for a Herbal Apothecary

Do you have a room in your home that you have no idea what to do with? No matter how much you tidy it, it will get messy?  We have two in our house, one is the hallway full of boots and wellies and other bits and bobs and the other is the parlour leading off the kitchen, so I decided to put this room to good use and being next to the kitchen would make it ideal.  Plus with the heavy rain, I couldn't really go anywhere, even my dog wouldn't go out!!

So today, mop bucket and homemade rosemary and vinegar cleaning fluid in hand, I got to work and cleaned the parlour down because I have been thinking of using it for  storing dried and hanging fresh herbs for ages.  I mopped down all the walls, ceiling and shelves and then I let the room air for an hour.  Next I got all my dried herbs and put them into jars, labelling them and then harvested some fresh herbs, Catmint and Borage, which has been growing like mad in the garden and hung them to dry.  I must say the couple of hours I have spent has paid off, I now have somewhere to store my herbs and homemade Elderberry wine later in the year too.

After busying myself with all of this tidying up and sorting, I took the flowers off the borage and pressed some of them and the rest infused in an oil, which I will list on my store when it is ready for magickal purposes. Borage is good for lifting the spirit and bringing courage, it is also said to be good for spirit communicatin also.

I also busied myself with making an altar space on my kitchen widowsill which happens to face north too, as I do alot of my herbal preparations in the kitchen, I thought this would make an ideal spot for my working altar.

Next on my list will be to tackle my herb garden, although it is pretty much weed free, it does need cutting back and some of the Calendula can now be harvested too.

My next job now is to go outside to feed and water our 17 hens, there are four adults and 13 youngsters which were a free gift last week from a friend of ours, their food tray is getting low and in order to grow they need to eat

All in all it has been a busy day with a productive result at the end of it, so now that the rain has finally stopped, I shall go and persuade my dog, Toto, to see if he will fianlly go for that long awaited walk!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Winner of my giveaway

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Trying out a new Recipe

On Midsummer's Eve, I decided to make a sample of my own version of a vision ointment. It is well known that the witches of the past did use ointments for journeying commonly known as flying ointments containing the baneful herbs, that is solanancaeous herbs containing alkoloids such as atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine.  The essential oils are extracted from these herbs when heated and mixed with a fatty base.  When ingested into the body these herbs are poisenous, however when applied topically to the skin they are absorbed much more slowly. Typical ingredients were thought to be Mandrake, Monkshood, Henbane and Deadly Nightshade, some recipes have variations such as Hemlock and Foxglove.

 It is now known with research that Hemlock, Monkshood and Foxglove are highly toxic and dangerous when added as these can cause paralysis and Blindness.  Furthermore it would be inadvisable to work with the solanancaeous herbs, unless you know what you are doing and have experience with these herbs.  There is a good website where you can obtain ointments like this from and she is a very experienced practitioner who you can find at Witch of Forest Grove Online Shop

Although I do grow some poisenous plants such as Foxglove, I preferred to try something a little more gentle and less risky and more importantly I really didn't have the heart to start harvesting and ruining my beautiful white Foxglove currently in bloom!!

I have a good collection of herbs, many dried myself and so did my research on herbs and barks suitable for an ointment for psychic vision/clairvoyance. 

My first ingredient was Wormwood (also known as Absinth) and is good for enhancing psychic abilities, divination, astral travel and any work involving a connection with the spirit world.

My second choice was Sandalwood a lovely red aromatic bark, normally used as incense, this can be used magickally in divination, trance work, meditation and astral travel.

Basil was my third addition to the brew, Basil is known for divination but also for protection too which is why I added this so as to keep me safe.

My fourth and final addition was Rue, which grows in abundance in my herb garden. Rue is also good for protection and is said  to increase psychic powers and clairvoyance.

I heated these up in a base oil and let them simmer to extract all the properties from the herbs, then I strained the mixture and was left with a clear yellow/blood red oil to which I then added beeswax, when this was to the right consistancy I then poured them into jars, I then added some crushed citrine which is good for psychic vision/clairvoyance and topped them with a spinkling of the herbs and barks I had used in the recipe.  I didn't really do too badly I only thought I made enough for one jar but ended up filling three.  I was pleased with the result and at the next full moon, I will put my product to the test.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Blogger Give Away

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Monday, 7 May 2012

Super Full Moon

Known as a perigee moon, the "super moon" appears about 14% larger and 30% brighter than the other full moons of 2012.
Because the moon follows an elliptical orbit around the Earth, its distance from Earth varies. Full moons that occur when the moon is the closest, on the perigee side of its orbit, are particularly big and bright. 

This is what we saw at the weekend, I was lucky enough to take this snapshot from my bedroom window as she was rising the photograph with a basic digital camera does not do what I saw with my own eyes justice.  Her luminosity was beathtaking and I felt near to tears with the beauty of what I was seeing.

I had planned a petition and ritual by my altar for this full moon and didn't even realise it was a super moon until the day before. I had also been handcrafting some wands and decided to put these on the window sill over night so they could be charged with the supermoon's power. I had also made some loose incense and  magickal oil, which I share below.

I watched her progression through the sky and even left my bedroom blind open so her light and beauty illuminated me while I slept. A few words of honouring came into my head that night and I wanted to share them here with you all.

Beloved goddess shining full and bright
a lonesome quest across the sky tonight
Standing sentinal watching in the cold air
illuminating tendrils of clouds; your hair
I honour you, tonight it is my duty
Watching you in your etheral beauty

I said these words out loud to her and I burned some incense in her honour.  In watching her grow, and now wane, it reminds me that we all, like her, have cycles too. 

Full Moon Ritual Incense
3 parts of Peony petals
2 parts of Frankincense
1 part of Rose petals
½ of Orris root powder
A few drops Sandalwood essential oil.
Mix all ingredients together and store in an airtight container until needed, burn on a charcoal disk.
Goddess Anointing Oil
1/2 tsp dried Yarrow
 1 tsp powdered Myrrh
A few Rose Petals
A few Lavender Petals
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Ylang Ylang
3 drops Pettigrain
1/2 cup base
Almond Oil

all ingredients in a clear glass jar & gently swirl in a clockwise direction. Keep in mind images of the Goddess & visualize her divine power as an aura of white glowing light radiating from your hands into the jar of oil, charging it with magical energy.   Can be used to anoint one prior to rituals, or to anoint tools and candles.

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Blessed Be and good luck )O(

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pagan Blog Project I is for Ivy


I am a day late in posting this, but yesterday I was working and didn't finish until late so I decided to post today when I had more time and relaxation.  I am keeping with the theme of plants from the Hedgerow for my pagan blog because looking at the properties and uses of these plants is so interesting to me that it has now become a personal journey and project for me.  So without further ado here is my topic about Ivy.

The Celtic month of ivy falls from September 30 until October 27 and its Celtic name is Gort.  Ivy is a plant which is linked to Jupiter and also the sun.  Ivy is sacred to both Osiris and Saturn and is connected to the god Dionysus. The legend with Dionysus tells us that when Hera wife of Zeus found out that her husband had been unfaithful to her with Semele the daughter of Cadmus king of Thebes; Hera told Semele to suggest Zeus showed his true self to her.  Semele did this and on doing so was consumed by Zeus’ divine flames which almost killed their unborn child, Dionysus; it was a sudden growth of Ivy which saved him.  Ivy is sacred and can be used in magickal workings; it grows in spirals and is linked with holly.  Ivy can also be seen growing around trees such as oak.

A talisman which is made from Ivy would be good to give to a friend as it helps to bond and ensure good friendship.  It can also be used to bind love, fidelity or luck to a person and when growing on or near a house offers protection against the evil eye.
If ivy does not grow on the grave of an individual it is said that it is because their soul is restless.  Ivy is used in Yule decorations along with holly.
Medicinal herbal use of Ivy include using ivy leaves to make a douche to treat female infections, the leaves can also be used externally as a poultice for infections, ulcers, nerves and sinews.  The tender twigs of Ivy can be simmered and made into a salve to treat sunburn.
Protection Charm
2 equal length Rowan twigs
Red thread
Tendrils of fresh Ivy
Make an equal armed cross with the Rowan Twigs and tie it with the red thread, this can be ribbon, wool or string as long as it is red. Ensure you tie some of the string at the end of one of the arms of the cross so it can be suspended.  Intertwine the Ivy around the cross saying
As I wrap this Ivy round
Protection to me and mine be bound
I hang this protection charm by my door
Harm and evil be gone for ever more.
So mote it be

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Continuing the Pagan blog Project - H

H is for Hawthorn

In the Celtic Year the month governed by Hawthorn was May 13 – June 9 and its Celtic name is Huath.  The Hawthorn is also known by the names of May blossom, Mayflower, May tree, May bush and Hawthorn. 
In herbal use the berries are used as a cardiac tonic as it is a strong herb it would be advisable not to use it on its own, therefore it would be better to mix with borage, motherwort, cayenne, garlic and dandelion flowers.  Hawthorn leaves can be used too as a substitute for oriental green tea and the seeds can be roasted and used like coffee. 
Hawthorn wood is similar to apple wood and usually does not grow much bigger than a shrub, it is found in hedgerows all over the British Isles and the pink/white blossom give a musky scent.  It is said that the young leaves of Hawthorn can be eaten in salads, much like rocket.
Some ancient Hawthorns guard ancient wells, particularly in Ireland where torn material known as clouties are hung on the branches of the shrub for healing or wishes and as the material degrades; the wish develops.  Hawthorn is also one of the nine woods placed on the Bale fire and is burned to purify and draw in the Fae. The month of the Hawthorn is a good time to do any magickal work which will clear old habits; it can also be used for protection, love and marriage.  The Fae are fond of Hawthorn groves and is one of the sacred Faerie triad trees of Britain and where oak, ash and hawthorn grow together, it is said you will see the Faeries.  Lore has it that also sitting under a Hawthorn in the month of May means that you are lost forever into the unknown, mystic faerie world.  Even today in parts of Ireland and Wales it is tradition in the spring to braid crowns of Hawthorn blossoms and leave them as a gift for the Fae. 

Branches of Hawthorn used to be fastened to houses, this custom was said to bring the blessing which the Hawthorn tree spirit has in its power to bring to the village, and in some places it is tradition to plant a may tree near the house. Hawthorne in the rafters of a home is good for protection against spirits, and ghosts.    
In Appleton in the British County of Cheshire there is a custom around midsummer of “Bawming the Thorn” in which school children walk in parade to the tree and dance around the thorn tree which is situated outside the church.  The tree is bedecked with garlands, ribbons and flowers.  Local tradition has it that the tree in Appleton, Cheshire is an offshoot of the original Glastonbury Thorn, brought to Appleton in1178 by the lord of the manor, Adam de Dutton. 
In the past most witches’ gardens contained at least one Hawthorn hedge for protection, as well as being one of the ingredients in the famous Flying Ointment. Leaves can also be used as a charm to protect a newborn child and a thorn carried in a pouch can bring good luck while fishing and can also ward off depression. A Hawthorn branch hung from the roof or chimney of a house will protect it from lightning. 

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Pagan blog Project Week 14 - H is for Hedgerow

Hedgerow Plants in the English Countryside

I am lucky enough to live in the North English country side and am surrounded by fields. The lane at the back of my house is bordered of either side by old hedgerows.  Some of these Hedgerows are very ancient and are often tending too by the farmers who fields they border.  Hedgerows not only offer a barrier again farm animals getting out on to the road, they can also, too represent borders between land owners, particularly in ancient times. Another association with the Hedgerow is with its uses in magick and in particular its connection and association with the faeries.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by old, yet traditional hedgerows such as Gorse with freshly opened flowers and intertwined with Ivy.
There is also Hawthorn which grows in abundance the leaves just coming out of bud fresh and green
There is also Hawthorns other half, Blackthorn flowering prior to its leaves coming out.
As yet as it is early spring, the flowering hedgerows are not quite in their prime, but on this lovely spring day, while out walking my dog, I couldn't resist taking these and sharing the joys of what the hedgerows have too offer. Many of these species are associated with the Fae and I feel should be looked after and preserved for generations to come.
Hedgerows in Natural Medicine

Our hedgerows are not only there to demarcate land boundaries but they can offer us riches, not only in terms of the fauna and flora they hold and that we can appreciate, but also as a source of medicine.  In ancient time the ancestor’s harvested roots, barks, herbs and flowers and most of these will have come from the native species we find today in the British Hedgerows. 

If you know what you are doing, then harvesting your own for the medicine cabinet will be rewarding, not only will have know what is going into what you are making, you are saving huge costs, in terms of the cost of logistics in bringing these products to us from other places, the cost of packaging, and overhead costs that go towards commercial over the counter items such as heating and rent.  For the small amount of input it will take you, there will be more benefits for you, plus you will be recycling as you will use sterilised jars, bottles or pots for storage.  Just remember that if you do decide to harvest medicinal plants from the hedgerow, it is imperative that you are one hundred percent sure you are harvesting the correct plant.  Do invest in a good book which has good quality pictures and descriptions of plants so you have a guide and can make sure you are harvesting the right plant and not a poisonous one.  If you want to explore this field further then I can recommend an excellent website.  Although this is a British website, there are books published on this subject for both the U.K and America, this website gives details of this.

Alder Buckthorn  can be used to protect against the magickal workings of others placing the branches by windows and doors is said to keep these forces out

Ash  this tree has been associated with divination and knowledge and in some Celtic legends was associated with the god Lugh.  The leaf from an Ash tree is said to bring good fortune if you carry one in your pocket or purse.

Beech  The druids used Beech groves for their sacred spaces if there were no Oak groves.  Beech can be used in divination, working with the ancestors and ancient wisdom.
Black Poplar  The Black poplar was said to have been a funeral tree sacred to the Mother Earth. Plato makes a reference to the use of Black popular as an aid in divination
Blackthorn is used for creating magical wands. Magic wands made from blackthorn can be used for many purposes. When a blackthorn magic wand is carried, it confers protection from evil, can be used for wishes. Also good for divining rods
Buckthorn  is said to be used in protection, exorcism, wishes and legal matters.
Crab Apple  this is a member of the rose family and has healing properties,  the crab apple is the original ancient apple tree and like all apple trees is linked with magick.  Slice an apple in the middle crosswise to the direction of the stork and you see a pentacle star.  Apples were said to have been buried in churchyards to feed the dead and they symbolise rebirth.
Dogwood  Place the sap of the dogwood onto a handkerchief on Midsummer Eve. This will grant any wish you have as long as you carry it faithfully. Dogwood leaves or wood can be placed in protective amulets.
Elder is well known for its berries gathered in the autumn to make elderberry wine; its flowers can be made into cordials too.  It is said the Elder can be used for exorcism, healing, prosperity, and peace.
English Elm  Elm can be used in all love spells
Field Maple can be used in binding spells and abundance spells
For more information there is an ideal website.

Friday, 30 March 2012

In Honour of the Fae

I have many faerie altars in my home and this is one of them situated on the stairs which receive a lot of light during the day and are full of my house plants. As my stairs curve, I thought this would make a nice focal point tucked in with my plants. The log a neighbour kindly gave me so it was nice to use this as a mini altar.

Faeriegill’s Enchanted Faerie Brew
Handful of hawthorn leaves and/or bark
Some sprigs of fresh thyme or dried if you cannot get fresh
Some springs of fresh rosemary or dried if you cannot get fresh
Dried Rose Petals
Essential oil of your choice, I like Cherry Blossom
A carrier oil of your choice

Fill the jar with all the ingredients listed above and then fill the jar with your carrier oil to cover the plants and barks, add a few drops of essential oil, screw on the lid and store in a cool, dry and dark place for at least four weeks, the longer you leave it the better. Ensure you give the jar a good shake several times a day so everything is extracted from the plant content. Once you are statisfied with it and using an empty clean jar covered with some cheesecloth, pour the contents of the jar into the clean jar and put the left over plant stuff onto your compost heap so you are returning it to nature.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Pagan Blog Project G-Week 13


Gaia was the Primordial Earth Goddess in Ancient Greek Religion her name means “Land” or “Earth. In Greek Mythology she was a Titan and Mother to several Greek deities.  She was the (primeval divinity) of earth, one of the primal elements who first emerged at the dawn of creation, along with air, sea and sky. She was the great mother of all : the heavenly gods were descended from her union with Ouranos (the sky), the sea-gods from her union with Pontos (the sea), the Gigantes from her mating with Tartaros (the hell-pit) and mortal creatures were sprung or born from her earthy flesh.

To the Greeks her home was in Crete where she was known as 'Mistress'. A name which has been applied to many later Goddesses in both Egypt and Greece. In modern time she is the soul of planet Earth.  Below is a lovely description about her from Hesiod.

Gaia, the beautiful, rose up,
Broad blossomed, she that is the steadfast base
Of all things. And fair Gaia first bore
The starry Heaven, equal to herself,
To cover her on all sides and to be
A home forever for the blessed God

This gentle, nurturing and loving goddess can be called upon in need, she is our mother, our earth, she is within and each of all of us.  I feel we can all call upon her to help in the healing of the Earth. A small statue of Gaia sits on my Altar and I feel connected to her always, when I am out in nature it is reassuring to feel her breath, to see all her beauty within the landscape, and to walk upon her and to drink and feed from her.  I personally feel it is important to give something back.  I found this prayer to Gaia which I use when I am working on healing spellwork for the Earth.  This is a lovely prayer we could all use in helping to heal Gaia's wounds.  Maybe together our combined healing energies can help strengthen Gaia's resistance to the injuries which are happening to her body, our beloved Earth.

Goddess Mother of our Earth

Let the healing power begin.

Let the Earth be whole again.

The earth is my Mother

And I am Her child.

The Earth is my lover

Free and wild.

Heal on the outside; Heal within,

Land and sea, fire and wind.

With love sincere I chant this prayer

To make mankind begin to care.

Let every sister and every brother

Heal the wounds of the Great Earth Mother.


A Spell To Mithras to Bring Happiness

Mithras is the god of the light, whose cult spread from India in the east to as far west as Spain, Great Britain, and Germany.    I am lucky enough to live near the Roman fort of Brocolita, at Carrowburgh in Northumberland,  next to which are the remains of a temple to Mithras.   It was while I was there that I did this spell for the spring equinox. I placed some wild bird seed on the altar as an offering. As god of light, Mithras was associated with the Greek sun god Helios, and the Roman Sol Invictus. I would like to share this spell with you all.
Mithras God of light
I bid you  hear my plight
My request of you, Mithras, this day
May bring happiness and sunshine my way
So mote it be

Sunday, 25 March 2012

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St Expedite Petition

I have created an altar as I am making a petiton to St Expedite.  Although he is not an official catholic saint, he is very popular in hoodoo and he is petitioned when you want a request or something done in a hurry, hence the name.  My request are for two things, one of which is to bring more clients to my Etsy store and my website. 

My altar consists of a picture of st Expedite I have put in a frame, I got from a second hand store, two taliman bags made for me for an christmas present the yellow relecting success and the purple divination.  I have a lucky mojo success candle I bought on Ebay and a purple candle made for me as an Xmas present.  I am burning some incense too, which reflects what I have asked for and the shells and pine cone are an offering.

About St Expedite

 Legend has it that he was a commander of a Roman legion in Armenia who converted to Christianity and he was beheaded by the emperor Diocletian in 303 AD. The name Expeditus was in the Geronimian Martirology since the 5th century. The only facts that seem to be certain are the day (19th April) and the place of his death (Melitene - nowadays Malatya, Turkey). It has been said that very early Catholic priests may have used St. Expedite’s image with his cross and crow in an advertising campaign to warn pagans not to put off until tomorrow the conversion that could be accomplished today.

St. Expedite is invoked in urgent causes and for prompt solutions, especially in the settlement of business and legal proceedings. Many people say he is also a big help to people who wish to overcome obstacles that are in the way of their financial success.
Because Saint Expedite is associated with quick solutions, some people in the computer  field have adopted him as their own patron saint.

Hoodoo is a form of mainly African-American traditional folk magic and is also known as conjure, it is a tradition of magical practice that developed from of a number of separate cultures and magical traditions. Hoodoo incorporates practices from African and Native American traditions, as well as some European magical practices and grimoires. The goal of hoodoo is to allow people access to supernatural forces to improve their daily lives by gaining power in many areas of life, including luck, money, love, divination, revenge, health, employment, and necromancy. As in many other folk religious, magical, and medical practices, extensive use is made of herbs, minerals, parts of animals' bodies, an individual's possessions, and bodily fluids. Hoodoo and Voodoo are often mistaken for one another, simply put, Voodoo is a religion, whereas Hoodoo is a group of magical

Saturday, 24 March 2012


To improve your own work productivity, during the waxing Moon place one hematite in

a small basket or tray and enchant it by saying:

“Ground and heal, magnetic one;

bring me clarity on this day.”

Add a quartz crystal to the contained and say:

“Bring boundless energy to me;

may it last through this day. ”

Add a calcite and say:

“Stone of joy and yellow light,

help me sort through my work today.”

Place the container of stones on your desk and say:

“Help me work through this day;

bring me inspiration.

And when the day is done,

may the labour be finished.”

Faeriegill's Needful Things and Wishes on

My Etsy store offers Tarot, Rune and Oracle readings by email.  My readings are empathic, intuitive and from the heart.  I have been reading Tarot for over 25 years now, and I meditate to make a connection prior to doing my readings.  When I read, I see what I feel with the cards, I let the cards speak to me and the only way I can describe it is like a story unfolding, often all I have from the querent is an email address and date of birth.  I feel like I am channelling the information through the cards as a tool, from a higher source.

I love doing spell work and offer these for sale too, some of them are in pdf form sold as individual spells or as a mini book of shadows which has been popular.  I also sell pdf information I have put together on the Tarot and Angels.  I also sell mini spell kits too, that is everything needed for to do a spell in one place, saving the client trying to find the ingredients on separately, all that is required on their part is their input and belief.

I am a Usui and Celtic Reiki master and offer my Reiki services in my Etsy store, I offer attunements as well as Celtic Reiki spellwork healing services.  I feel a much closer connection with Celtic Reiki for some reason and I feel it is because I have a strong connection to the fae.

I love making jewellery, not complex peices, but bracelets, earrings and kilt pin brooches and have started selling these on my Etsy store

Pagan Style Charm Bracelet

 I have also started making divination pendulums too and made a beautiful one as a gift for a professional medium who felt I should sell these, so it has inspired me to make them and start selling them on my store.  My pendulums are made from recycled materials such as beads, old jewellery and yes a little bit of history too, like ancient clay pipes, pottery and glass as I feel that the old combined with the new, gives bonding and strength.

I also make magickal oils for my store and bath salts and a lovely calendula ointment, which although not been tested is full of natural ingredients and has been used by me and many of my friends for years and we have not had any adverse reaction at any time.  I make all my products with love and charge them on my altar too.  To see more just check my shop out at

The Pagan Blog Project 2012 F - Week 12

The Pagan Blog project is a subject you post on your blog every Friday about a topic beginning with the letter of that week, for me this starts at F which is week 12.  What does the letter F mean for me?


Feelings Are for me an ideal topic as I am Clairsentient, meaning I see what I feel.  We all have feelings and they can affect our mood, how we dress and what or not what we eat.  Everyone has heard of comfort eating, which is in a way, a side affect of the Feelings we have, usually bad ones. 

Feelings can also help us to understand the world around us through the sense of touch, how often do we touch things to sense their texture and weight.  There are many kinds of feelings, sexual, sensual, bad, good, happy, sad and they all affect us in one way or another throughout our lives.  Feelings can be our best friends or our worst enemy.  Feelings can sometimes bring out the worst in us, I would never ever myself, or advise another to do spell work when they are feeling bad, we all know this can affect the spells outcome, similarly I never do tarot readings when I am feeling low.

As a Solitary Witch I love the feelings I have and that surround me when I am visiting my local woodlands and historic sites and living in North East Cumbria, and not far from Hadrian's Wall, there are plenty of both.  On visiting the Remains of the Temple of Mithras on the day of the Equinox, my feelings where those of exhaultation.  I stood at the remains of the altar feeling the sun on me, feeling happy and fulfulled and I gave thanks to Mithras for feeling like this.

Feelings can sometimes over come us and we need to remember that our feeling change daily, how we feel one day, does not necesssarily reflect on how we will feel the next day.  No one for example likes that feeling we call "Monday morning" feeling.  Yet we all love that "Friday" feeling.  Feelings are part of us and make us who we are, and as hard as it may be for me, I do try to embrace them as they come, in whatever form knowing they are changeable.