Monday, 16 September 2013

Approaching Mabon

It has been months since I posted on my blog and it is about time I returned, if only now and again.  I last posted at Imbolc when I embarked on a new job working within the public sector in adult social care.  I have now been in this job for many months and love my job very much, it is both fulfilling and rewarding too and gives me the job satisfaction I need.  I work hard delivering an empathic service and also very long hours, but I love it and although I don't have as much time on my hands to make items for my store or do readings straight away, at the end of the day it is work and therefore a living.

I spoke at Imbolc of beginnings, now as we come to Mabon there is maturity, I link this with this job I started earlier in the year in the way that I have now grown and developed in the role, I have settled into the company where I work, both with policies and colleagues.  When I look back on my job and the year in general, I ask myself has all gone as I had hoped?  For my job, yes it has, I couldn't be happier, however for my Etsy store I don't have the time as I used to do, but it is manageable, and yes I have to say I would love to devote more time to making things for my store. 

As our mother earth turns her face away from the sun, it is time I think for reflection and to think about what has gone on over the past year and what is to come, autumn/fall is a time to let go, a time to shed.  However it is also a time to make way for the new as after all we need to shed in order to grow just in the way a snake sheds its skin to grow a new one. 

I often try to reflect this in my work, both my day job and my Etsy job.  I can think of two products of mine with this in mine, the love spell kit for attraction and love and my cleansing bath salts.  I do plan more projects for my store,  bone and shell divination is on the way as this is something I am drawn to and I plan to make some banishing kits.  I would also like to have a guest reader feature in my store at somepoint in the future.  As I wind up my short post, I wish you a blessed Mabon )O(

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Coming of Imbolc

It seems like months and months since I last posted on my blog and with the coming of Imbolc, I have taken time to reflect over the past few months.  To me Imbolc is a time of year for cleansing and renewing.  As I look outside my window the snow is coming down lightly and there is just no sign of the coming spring, but it is there, in the growth of the trees and the emergance of snow drops from the cold and frosty ground. 

At Yule I left my job as a home carer working in the private sector to start a job in the same role but with the public sector.  I start that new job this week and how fitting it is that it coincides with Imbolc approaching.  When I took my uniform and equipment back to my old employer, I felt a sense of loss, that is in the familiar, but also a sense of excitement as I was talking to one of the staff there, about the new job in the public sector in which I am shortly starting.  I felt that in taking the uniform and property back I was shedding off the old and cleansing the slate for the new.  I also felt a sense of closure too, so for me Imbolc also represents this.

I have also taken this stance at home too, cleaning and getting rid of things which no longer served me, this amounts to three bags of goods which I shall take to the charity shop, the old may no longer serve me; but my old items will serve and be somebody's new.  Yesterday I cleaned up and rearranged the room where I do my professional readings, spellwork and healing, the room now feels much fresher and I can now work better as there is more room.

One of the skills associated with Imbolc is the making of bridie dolls or Brigit crosses, these are not hard to make and instructions can be found at the following website, from which the image above is taken from, this website also sells some lovely things too
One skill I have revisted as I had not done it in twenty years is knitting, I decided late last year to do this and now am knitting my own spell/medicine pouches, each one is knitted lovingly and then embroidered with a magickal symbol, crafting is a great project to undertake at the coming of imbolc as you will, like spring, be able to see and appreciate the growth in your work as you become more adept.
As Imbolc for me is about cleansing and renewal I decided to make a floor wash of my own concoction to clean the floors with in my home, you could do this with carpeted floors too but make a floor powder instead using bicarbinate of soda for your base and then adding your dried herbs and essential oils. 
As I associate lemony smells with freshness and clearing I used this in my recipe.
I used some hot water from the kettle and then added the following to it.
Dried Lemon Verbena
Dried Lemon Balm
Lemon Juice
Lemon Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil.
As I cleansed the floors of my home I let go of any negativity and thought of positive things.  So that as the year grows; so too should my luck.
Imbolc Blessings to All xx