Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Recess and Time Out

I have been away for about ten days visiting family in the Manchester area and it has been nice to have a rest from my day job in home care which I do over three days on 15 hour shifts and from my psychic work which I do also over three days. Being away gave me time to think, being lucky to be able to balance a day job with my spiritual work which I love doing.

 However I have, like many in this year of 2012, been feeling a shift and pulling.  There is definately a trasnsition going on and I feel, for me at any rate it is more spiritual than physical (although I would like to lose some weight when I get the willpower!!)   I had a reading from a couple of psychics this year who were not known to one another and each one told me I will be working more and more with spirit and that my gift will get stronger, however I will feel torn in two directions. I am feeling spirit connecting with me more and I do feel at some point this will come in and affect my day work in that eventually I will have to chose between the two. The day job however, brings in a regular income.

I have decided to therefore extend my holiday/vacation and although I am now back home in Cumbria where I live, I have decided to take a summer recess and have six weeks off until early September, this will give time and rest and recuperate my spritual side, work on products and stock for my store, write up and prepare an online course I will offer next year.

Sometimes we need to rest and take time out so that we can think things through properly and try to see the bigger picture, for me this is accepting that I have a connection with the spirit world and will need to work more closely with them. I can feel this pull from them like a magnet and in order to embrace this, I need time out to prepare, rest. take care of other things so that when I do come back to it, I can give it my full attention without distractions popping in.

I will still pop in to attend and update my blog and facebook/twitter pages, I will also still be running a giveaway too on my blog, infact there is one coming up in a few days so keep a look out for that as it is open to all regardless of location.  Summer Blessings to all of you.

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  1. Taking a time out, is good! I think more of us should do that these days! Enjoy your rest!
    I would like to also thank you for the reading! It was very interesting and truthful!
    Blessings ;o)