Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Trying out a new Recipe

On Midsummer's Eve, I decided to make a sample of my own version of a vision ointment. It is well known that the witches of the past did use ointments for journeying commonly known as flying ointments containing the baneful herbs, that is solanancaeous herbs containing alkoloids such as atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine.  The essential oils are extracted from these herbs when heated and mixed with a fatty base.  When ingested into the body these herbs are poisenous, however when applied topically to the skin they are absorbed much more slowly. Typical ingredients were thought to be Mandrake, Monkshood, Henbane and Deadly Nightshade, some recipes have variations such as Hemlock and Foxglove.

 It is now known with research that Hemlock, Monkshood and Foxglove are highly toxic and dangerous when added as these can cause paralysis and Blindness.  Furthermore it would be inadvisable to work with the solanancaeous herbs, unless you know what you are doing and have experience with these herbs.  There is a good website where you can obtain ointments like this from and she is a very experienced practitioner who you can find at Witch of Forest Grove Online Shop

Although I do grow some poisenous plants such as Foxglove, I preferred to try something a little more gentle and less risky and more importantly I really didn't have the heart to start harvesting and ruining my beautiful white Foxglove currently in bloom!!

I have a good collection of herbs, many dried myself and so did my research on herbs and barks suitable for an ointment for psychic vision/clairvoyance. 

My first ingredient was Wormwood (also known as Absinth) and is good for enhancing psychic abilities, divination, astral travel and any work involving a connection with the spirit world.

My second choice was Sandalwood a lovely red aromatic bark, normally used as incense, this can be used magickally in divination, trance work, meditation and astral travel.

Basil was my third addition to the brew, Basil is known for divination but also for protection too which is why I added this so as to keep me safe.

My fourth and final addition was Rue, which grows in abundance in my herb garden. Rue is also good for protection and is said  to increase psychic powers and clairvoyance.

I heated these up in a base oil and let them simmer to extract all the properties from the herbs, then I strained the mixture and was left with a clear yellow/blood red oil to which I then added beeswax, when this was to the right consistancy I then poured them into jars, I then added some crushed citrine which is good for psychic vision/clairvoyance and topped them with a spinkling of the herbs and barks I had used in the recipe.  I didn't really do too badly I only thought I made enough for one jar but ended up filling three.  I was pleased with the result and at the next full moon, I will put my product to the test.

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  1. I can't wait to hear what you think about your own version of vision ointment! Your 3 jars look great! My Foxglove have not bloomed yet! I hope soon ;o) I just planted them this year ;o) Blessings, I will e-mail you soon about my prize ;o)