Saturday, 24 March 2012

The Pagan Blog Project 2012 F - Week 12

The Pagan Blog project is a subject you post on your blog every Friday about a topic beginning with the letter of that week, for me this starts at F which is week 12.  What does the letter F mean for me?


Feelings Are for me an ideal topic as I am Clairsentient, meaning I see what I feel.  We all have feelings and they can affect our mood, how we dress and what or not what we eat.  Everyone has heard of comfort eating, which is in a way, a side affect of the Feelings we have, usually bad ones. 

Feelings can also help us to understand the world around us through the sense of touch, how often do we touch things to sense their texture and weight.  There are many kinds of feelings, sexual, sensual, bad, good, happy, sad and they all affect us in one way or another throughout our lives.  Feelings can be our best friends or our worst enemy.  Feelings can sometimes bring out the worst in us, I would never ever myself, or advise another to do spell work when they are feeling bad, we all know this can affect the spells outcome, similarly I never do tarot readings when I am feeling low.

As a Solitary Witch I love the feelings I have and that surround me when I am visiting my local woodlands and historic sites and living in North East Cumbria, and not far from Hadrian's Wall, there are plenty of both.  On visiting the Remains of the Temple of Mithras on the day of the Equinox, my feelings where those of exhaultation.  I stood at the remains of the altar feeling the sun on me, feeling happy and fulfulled and I gave thanks to Mithras for feeling like this.

Feelings can sometimes over come us and we need to remember that our feeling change daily, how we feel one day, does not necesssarily reflect on how we will feel the next day.  No one for example likes that feeling we call "Monday morning" feeling.  Yet we all love that "Friday" feeling.  Feelings are part of us and make us who we are, and as hard as it may be for me, I do try to embrace them as they come, in whatever form knowing they are changeable.

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