Monday, 16 September 2013

Approaching Mabon

It has been months since I posted on my blog and it is about time I returned, if only now and again.  I last posted at Imbolc when I embarked on a new job working within the public sector in adult social care.  I have now been in this job for many months and love my job very much, it is both fulfilling and rewarding too and gives me the job satisfaction I need.  I work hard delivering an empathic service and also very long hours, but I love it and although I don't have as much time on my hands to make items for my store or do readings straight away, at the end of the day it is work and therefore a living.

I spoke at Imbolc of beginnings, now as we come to Mabon there is maturity, I link this with this job I started earlier in the year in the way that I have now grown and developed in the role, I have settled into the company where I work, both with policies and colleagues.  When I look back on my job and the year in general, I ask myself has all gone as I had hoped?  For my job, yes it has, I couldn't be happier, however for my Etsy store I don't have the time as I used to do, but it is manageable, and yes I have to say I would love to devote more time to making things for my store. 

As our mother earth turns her face away from the sun, it is time I think for reflection and to think about what has gone on over the past year and what is to come, autumn/fall is a time to let go, a time to shed.  However it is also a time to make way for the new as after all we need to shed in order to grow just in the way a snake sheds its skin to grow a new one. 

I often try to reflect this in my work, both my day job and my Etsy job.  I can think of two products of mine with this in mine, the love spell kit for attraction and love and my cleansing bath salts.  I do plan more projects for my store,  bone and shell divination is on the way as this is something I am drawn to and I plan to make some banishing kits.  I would also like to have a guest reader feature in my store at somepoint in the future.  As I wind up my short post, I wish you a blessed Mabon )O(

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